An Ounce of Prevention Really Is Worth A Pound of Cure

When is the best time to prepare for a worst-case scenario in your organization?

You got it…before it happens.


During a board consultation, I pointed out an organizational risk. I explained the problem and provided the solution.

While it was one of ‘those things that weren’t a problem until it becomes a problem, it was also one of “those things” that if it becomes a problem it becomes a very bad problem.

The board ignored my recommendation and said, “it has never been a problem before so why worry about it now”.

Six months later the organization’s executive director called me and said, “Hi Beth. You know that thing that you said we needed to fix, and we didn’t? Well, it happened. Can you help?”

Me, “Of course, I will help. I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Fast forward to today.

The financial cost to deal with the problem was over $32,000.

The cost to the organization’s public trust is unmeasurable.

It is far less stressful, expensive, and damaging to an organization to eliminate a risk than it is to ignore it.

2 responses to “An Ounce of Prevention Really Is Worth A Pound of Cure”

  1. Yes, exactly right! What some label “worrying” about was has never happened before is really responsibly preparing and protecting the center. Thank you for sharing this. No doubt that many will relate to this experience.

  2. Need to mention that there are many brave boards are out there who are digging deep into risk and making the appropriate changes to mitigate such risks. Blessed is the organization whose board gets it about dealing with risk.

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