The Whisper of Change

Have you ever found yourself in a season of doing, doing, and more doing?

Everythings good. You’re happy. The team is happy. And your board is awesome.

Life is not boring. You wake up everyday grateful for the priveledge of living the “exciting Christian life”. 

When suddenly, nawing relentless questions begin to dance in your mind. Untitled design

Questions such as:

“Am I really doing what I am supposed to be doing?”

“As the leader, am I focusing on doing the right things for my organization?”

“Why is there an unease in my spirit?”

Every leader faces these questions from time to time.

If you are a visionary leader, this is especially important for you because you’re all about growing your organization. Change does not feel threatening to you. You gladly embrace the challenges of change head on.

I’ve learned (both personally and from my clients) that when this happens it generally means one of four things.

First, God has a completely new direction for me to take which means serious far-reaching changes.

Second, my organization has moved into another level on the corporate life cycle and I didn’t catch the signs that this was happening.  (Hmmm… perhaps I didn’t see the signs because I was so busy ‘doing’). Now,  I need to stop and assess what’s not working so I can put energy and resources into what is working.

Third, I need to determine if our firm’s activities continue to align with our brand, goals and mission.

Or fourth, it’s time to focus on expanding or adding new services.

Should you someday find these or similar questions tip-toeing through you mind, consider if one of the top four possiblities could be at play.

* Are you feeling that you’re so deep into your organization’s forest that you cannot clearly see the trees? Click on the “Coach” tab above and ask for a free 30-minute consultation.

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