My First Book Is Published

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My first book, Underground Fire, was published this summer. One thing I learned during this process is that the most comfortable part was writing the book.  I just do not have the patience for dealing with a massive amount of details. (And it appears that my patience with particulars is becoming worse – not better – as I get older.)

Therefore, my most significant learning curve with this book was about the new industry language that publishers had to know and all of the steps upon steps that self-publishing requires.

Nevertheless, the day Underground Fire was officially published on Amazon and on other book distributions, I felt such incredible joy because I knew I was supposed to write this book. I felt compelled to put into writing my experience of helping over 100 leaders of faith-based organizations to survive organizational meltdowns.

Already, leaders from all across the nation are contacting me saying how much they saw themselves in the pages of Underground Fire and how they no longer felt alone in their experience.   If you are a leader of a faith-based organization or if you know someone who is Underground Fire is a must read.

My prayer is that when every leader reads this book, they will find within its pages the answers, encouragement, and strength to prevent, identify and survive an internal organizational meltdown.

You will find Underground Fire at in Kindle and print formats. And I would love to hear from you after you’ve read it!

One thought on “My First Book Is Published

  1. Brenda Dowdin 08/30/2018 at 9:50 PM Reply

    I just ordered. After I read just a bit about it I knew I needed it now! Thanks, Brenda

    Rev. Brenda K Dowdin
    Executive Director
    Women’s Resource Clinic
    115 W 2nd Avenue
    Chico, Ca 95926

    (530) 897-6101 Ext. 223
    Never let a problem to be solved, become more important than the person to be loved…

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