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Sometimes, the best place to go to hear about a product or service is to those who have used it. Here are comments from three leaders of pregnancy medical clinics that have become accredited with the Accreditation Association For Ambulatory Health Care.

Renee Wooten, President/CEO
Options 360

Battleground, WA

“I recently attended a webinar on AAAHC Accreditation encouraging self-accrediting.  Having been through the multitude of hurdles to become accredited with AAAHC, I can’t stress the complexity of it enough.  I hired an AAAHC accreditation professional to facilitate the process.  It was still a daunting amount of work, even with the specialist providing all the required policies, log books, training, credentialing, and guidance.  As a PMC leader, I highly recommend every PMC to thoroughly research the do-it-yourself model verses hiring a AAAHC accreditation professional who specializes in PMC’s.”


Robin Fuller, Executive Director
Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass
Grants Pass, Oregon

“The Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass made the decision to become accredited because we believe it is our God-given responsibility to operate with excellence. If we claim we really care about people, then we need to be above-reproach in how we serve them. Operating as a medical clinic, we need to really BE a medical clinic ­ not simply claim to be one yet not abide by the basic expected standards of care within the medical industry.

Becoming accredited will help ensure we will operate well into the future, offering those we serve hope and healing, with excellence and love.”


Tammy DeArmas, CEO
Alternatives Women’s Center
Escondido, CA

“As a crisis pregnancy medical center, we want to provide the very best care to the women that come through our doors.  As a 501c3 we believe we owe it to our gracious donors and community that we are providing the care we say.  Becoming accredited with AAAHC provides us with both. Becoming accredited will give us  measurable controls in which to set our high standards and work from.  While it has been challenging it has been rewarding.  We are a faith based organization and fully believe that “iron sharpens iron.’  Becoming accredited provides us with this benchmark.

Hiring a consultant is the ONLY way could do this.  We know we are the best at what we do, and we needed to find someone who is the best at
walking a facility like ours through the process. Lorraine Mazurek , of YOUR SOLUTIONS NOW  is now a ancillary memberof our team, and a trusted confidant who shares our vision. We know it is our call to be excellent with the resources that have been provided and becoming
accredited will enable us to do just this and save lives.”

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