“I Want To Quit”

Last week, I talked to a number of executive directors who told me that they were seriously thinking about quitting.

When I asked them why, here is what they said.

“My board doesn’t know what they are doing.”

“My board expects too much of me. I just can’t give any more.”

“Managing staff is exhausting me.”

“I don’t trust my board and I don’t see anything changing.”

“The board takes me for granted. They don’t really know what I do. They never thank me for what I do.”

“I feel like I am drowning.”

“A board member went behind my back and talked with one of my staff.”

“I’ve been having problems with several staff.  Now the board is going to meet with them and they do not want me there.”

“It’s not fun anymore. I’ve lost my joy.”

Do you notice a common theme?

If this is you…ever…call me.

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