Feel Like Quitting?

Do you ever struggle with feeling like you want to quit?

If you do, you are not alone.

Every PMC leader I’ve ever coached deals with this.

Here are three important things to remember when you’re feeling like you want to turn in your resignation.

Good-vs-Evil.111. Know your enemy.
2. Know the tactics of your enemy.
3. Know the weapons that will defeat your enemy.

First, never forget that you’re in a spiritual battle with forces of darkness that hate what you do and who are relentlessly working to “take us out” and “get us to quit”.

And they never take vacations or days off.  They will never give up. (until Jesus comes)

Therefore, know the enemy of your soul.

Second, I believe that there are forces of darkness that whisper in our mind things like this: “you don’t know what you are doing”, “someone with more education should be in your position – you need to go back to college” and “all pressure at home will go away if you just quit”.

I’ve found that you cannot afford to give these whispers one nano-second of your time or attention.

Young Woman ThinkingBecause, if you do – a spiritual poison will seep into your soul and within a matter of minutes it will rob you of every fruit of the Spirit – joy, peace,love, etc, – and replace it with double mindedness, confusion, second guessing yourself and fear.

When a thought it robs you of the fruit of Spirit and causes you confusion, clearly this thought is not of God.  If it is not of God, we must quickly reject it and kick it out of our thoughts.

In coaching executive leaders, the main thing I’ve seen when people give place to these whispers is that doubled mindedness sets in and rips away at the peace & confidence of the leader.

Now the leader is in trouble because James 1:8 warns us that the double minded man becomes unstable in all his ways. A leader cannot afford to become “unstable in all his ways”…right?

Therefore, know the tactics of the enemy of your soul.

Third, this battle is primarily fought and won in our minds. This is the biblical principle of “taking every thought captive” (2 Cor. 10:5).

As  I shared above, if a thought comes to your mind and it robs you of the fruit of the Spirit and causes you to second-guess yourself, then we, as followers of Christ and leaders of ministries, are commanded to not give these thoughts one nano-second of your attention.

images (26)

Your best weapon against this problem is choosing to discipline your mind and resisting any thoughts that rob you of your joy and peace and causes you to second guess yourself. (James 1)

Prayer, of course, helps and having others pray for you is good.

But the bottom line in this is that only you can learn how to disciple your mind and “bring every thought captive”.

Therefore, know the weapons that will defeat your enemy. 

Call me if you need someone to talk to about this.

Your battle is real…

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