One “Big” Advantage of A Small To Mid-Size Organization

gandalfSmall to Mid-size Organizations Can Turn On a Dime

We live in a rapidly changing culture.

The most successful organizations have learned that they must adapt to change as quickly as possible.

This includes things such as adjusting a program that is no longer working effectively, responding to an unexpected opportunity, or adding a new service before your competitor does.

If you’ve ever worked for a large nonprofit organization, you know how difficult it is get even the most simplest things changed.

However, a small to mid-size organization has less red tape and can generally make critical changes much faster than a larger organization.

And this can work greatly to their advantage.

For example, let’s say that you’re in the middle of writing the next direct mail piece to your donors and supporters. When suddenly there is a news item about a baby that was found in a trash container at your local high school.

As a small to midsize organization you can respond to the news by changing your direct mail piece to address this issue much more easily than if you were a larger organization.

Of course, smaller organizations will always have challenges that larger organizations do not.

But small to mid-sized organizations have been known to outperform larger ones by leveraging the power of “turning on a dime”.

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