2013 Top Questions

j0431512Question #3 – We’re a small nonprofit & are members of a number of national & state affiliations. The board has asked me to review all of these affiliations to determine our need and their impact. Do you have something to help me do this?

Answer: Yes, I have a tool you can use to assess the impact of your various memberships.

Your board is asking the right questions. Nonprofits are fiduciaries of donors’ financial gifts. Therefore, your board is responsible to assure that donor money is spent in the best interest of the organization and to defend each budgetary line item.

While there are many excellent national, state, and local affiliation/membership groups that offer critical services and products for nonprofits, few nonprofits have the budget to affiliate with all of them.

Best practices is such that all memberships/affiliations should be evaluated every year. I have a tool to help you do this. You may download this tool by  clicking this link – Affiliation Assessment Worksheet.




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