Not Too Late: Six “December Dash” Tips

running1At the Chase Advancement office, we call the December PMC fundraising as the “DECEMBER DASH”.

Whether you are on schedule or behind in your December fundraising plans here are six tips that will help make your December Dash to be more successful.

1. Point communication to your donation page. In every donor/supporter communication that you send out in December (i.e., donations receipts, newsletters, Christmas cards, emails, mobile app pushes, radio ads) point people to your donation page. This makes donating simple because the website donation page is just one click away. Easy, easy, easy…

2. Secure a domain name that points directly to your donation page.  People are extremely busy in December so make their donating experience as easy as possible by using a domain name that will land them directly on your donation page. Choose a name that is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue. (i.e.,

Email Tieson Wooten to get your donation page domain name

donation page clip3. Optimize your donate form. Make it short, simple, & easy. Most donors have a short attention span and little patience. They will leave your donation page and find another place to give if it takes too long for them to navigate.  Have a few friends donate on the page. Even better yet, watch them as they navigate through the giving process. Afterward, ask them about their giving experience.  You may be surprised by what they tell you.  

Need help with this? Call Doug McGlashan, with EFT Plus. He is the best!  425-413-4806

4. Initially, test drive your online donation process but also remember to check it every couple of days in December. Everything on your donation page must be working correctly. The fact is that links break. And you do not want any broken links on your donation page.

5.  Make sure that people do not have to hunt for your donation button on your home page. Place a large brightly colored “donate” button in the upper left hand side of the home page.

thank you46. Thank your donors at least four times in December.  While this may be an overkill in other months, it’s not in December. The studies indicate that when people are thanked they often quickly give again.

Thank your donors with:

  • A confirmation page they can print off when they complete a donation online;
  • Their email receipt (that comes to their email box);
  • A personal email a few days later (from the Executive Director); and
  • A thank you call the last week of December. (this is my favorite & one of the most powerful fundraising actions you can do for end of year giving)

Donor Trust is Sacred


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