Most Read Page On Donor Websites Is…

Blog word.The most read page on the donor website is often the “blog” page.

Are you writing a weekly blog for your PMC organization?

If not, you should be.

I know you are busy. I know you have a million things pulling at you.

But here’s the deal. Often, blog pages are the number one read page on donor websites.

And you are trying to reach on to the Millennial donors, you’ve got to be blogging.  Did you know that most Millennials follow at least five (5) nonprofits Social Networking Systems?

Daniel Ryan Adler, a blogger consultant, shared his thoughts about the new blogger trends for 2014 on a recent “WeBlogBetter” post.  Click here to see the entire article. 

Below are three of his six points.

1. In addition to high-quality written content, videos and pictures are crucial.

2. Assure that your website is optimized for mobile. Need a mobile website? Connect with Tieson Wooten at Tieson is the CEO of Old Hickory Creative. He will develop an excellent professional website for you at the best prices ($500 – &1,500) I’ve found anywhere for PMCs. 

3. According to Adler, your blog should consist of at least three hundred words. (This blog post is around 200 words.)  My only concern in this is that most people like to skim before reading. Therefore, I suggest to use bullets or bold your primary points.

“The most authoritative articles on Google’s first page are usually at least a thousand words, sometimes even two thousand or more. Part of Google’s algorithm checks for depth and quality, which is more apparent in longer articles. Expect this focus on length to become the new standard.”  Daniel Ryan Adler

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