Staff Meeting Ideas

j0289525Often, I am asked if I have any ideas about how to make monthly staff meeting more fun and productive at the same time. Here are a few of my favorite things to do at staff meeting:

– They choose a book that all agree to read (i.e., “Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni, “Emotional Intelligence” by Travis Bradberry and “The Strategy of Satan: how to detect and defeat him” by Warren Wiersbe) then they discuss a chapter at each meeting.

– Bring in a monthly special guest to talk about a particular subject (i.e., date rape, abusive relations, understanding clients, emotional intelligence)

– Everyone does the personality test, DISC, that is more advanced and used for team building.

– You as, the leader, start asking tough questions. (i.e., what are we really doing and how can we do better; what would it take to double the number of women we serve; what could we do to be more accountable in our positions)

– Ask everyone to write down their worst case scenario for their position and let everyone brain storm on solutions.Vacation_Car_Beach_Trip_Clipart-3trans

– Once a quarter have the field trip. Go visit other PMCs, a major donor (this is so much fun), medical offices, adoption agency, woman’s shelter, etc. (or the beach for fun…)

– One center told me that their staff traded jobs for a day the week prior to the staff meeting and the group shared what they learned.

– Hold a mini strategic planning session imagining if your organization received a million dollar gift, what would they do with it, what would the organization look like?

– Spend some time of the meeting playing a game (Bingo, Mexican Train, etc). Sometimes, staff forgets to play. Research shows that employees are happier with fun time and that often means higher performance.

– Move the furniture around in one of the offices. No kidding. This is fun and increases team building skills. Seriously!

– Implement a secret pal program.

– Ask them “If you could change one thing about this organization, what would that be?”

– At the beginning of year, require that they set tangible, challenging but realistic, goals for their position and hold them accountable.

– Ask the question – “What are we doing right?” “What are we doing well?” “What could we do better?” “What, if anything, should we stop doing?”

– Ask them what one new thing would they like to learn this year that would impact their effectiveness at work.

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