Poll Outcome

female brain Thank you to all 103 of you who participated in my impromptu poll where I asked if the all woman jury for the George Zimmerman trial will make a decision based upon their head or heart.

I was curious about your thoughts on this as so many of you have read the book “The Female Brain” by Dr Brizendine about how a woman’s brain processes information.

Well, here are the results:  91% voted that the jury would make a decision primarily based upon their head.

2 thoughts on “Poll Outcome

  1. Jennie Alexander RN 07/14/2013 at 1:01 PM Reply

    I’ve been called up for jury duty three times in my life. I have served on several juries. And I learned a lot about myself. My emotions would be swayed back and forth while hearing testimony, and I did find myself reacting to this or that lawyer’s “style.” But, in the end, I would listen to the judges instructions to the jury and I was compelled to weigh the facts instead of emotion. Jury duty is very sobering.

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