A Basic Question For PMCs

Question:  Can non-medical people (i.e., Client Advocates, receptionist) collect, review and/or share medical information?

Answer:  Short answer is NO.

If you are a medical clinic, only medical professionals should be collecting, reviewing and/or sharing medical information as non-medical personnel are neither qualified nor licensed to do so.

HOWEVER, non-medical personnel (staff and volunteers) may share medical information with patients by reading from brochures, books  or other documents that have been approved by the Medical Director and the Medical Director is okay with them doing so as long as the non-medical personnel NEVER answers medical questions that arise while they are reviewing these publications or documents.

Non-medical staff and volunteers should NOT be collecting, reviewing or distributing medical information with patients unless ALL four of following is in place:

1)  your Medical Director has approved it;
2) your Medical Director has provided standing orders to do so and written clear directives as to what the non-medical personnel may and may not communicate;
3) your non-medical personnel understands their boundaries and there is complete confidence in the non-medical personnel that they will follow the boundaries set forth by the Medical Director; and
4) there are period checks performed to assure competency and compliance.

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