Do you qualify under HIPAA’s New HITECH ACT?


Woman Using Computer According to Lorraine Mazurek, the Pregnancy Medical Clinic HIPAA Consultant, if your pregnancy medical clinic (PMCs) is storing client’s Private Health Information (PHI) electronically (i.e., eKyros or Way Cool) then guess what?  You now must comply with HIPAA’s HITECH ACT.

This means that, according to Lorraine, you should secure a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) from such an entity.

The risk is if your patient’s PHI becomes compromised as a result of one of these electronic tracking groups becoming hacked.

If no BAA is signed by the electronic group, Lorraine says that the PMC may be at risk. Attached are three documents from Lorraine regarding this that may be helpful for you.

The bottom line is that all Pregnancy Medical Clinics who are using eKyros or WayCool (or other electronic method for storing PHI) must secure a signed BAA from the electronic provider. In addition, HIPAA wants the BAA to have specific language in it.

Click here Business Associate Agreement to download this HIPAA BAA.

Here is more information on this issue:

HHS Updates

HITECH Act Impact

HITECH Act Updates

Questions?  Contact Lorraine Mazurek at:
Office Phone:  855-704-5189 or 541-466-3300

2 thoughts on “Do you qualify under HIPAA’s New HITECH ACT?

  1. Rita Willoughby 03/19/2013 at 4:50 PM Reply

    Beth, I signed up for this.  We have our monthly client advocate meeting scheduled for that same time, but I do plan to log on.  Will that be okay?  I really, really need copies of the HIPPA guidelines regarding texting.

    Thanks for all you do for so many of us!

    Rita Willoughby Lawton, OK  PRC


    • Beth Chase 03/19/2013 at 5:58 PM Reply

      We are recording this webinar and you will have access to the recorded video. I will email you the HIPAA guidelines for text messaging.

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