Increase Your Donations With This Tool

According to Network for Good, nonprofits are reporting that “up to a third of  their Web traffic is now coming from mobile devices”.

The mobile Web is  rapidly becoming a key way to communicate your message to donors; it’s  important that your website is mobile ready AND that you have a smart phone mobile app that links to your donor website.


Mark Chase

We now have a licensed mobile app developer who just happens to be my son, Mark.

Mark is licensed and certified to create mobile apps for both iPhones and Android phones.

While he works with other for-profit businesses, he is specializing in providing professional interactive mobile apps for Pregnancy Medical Clinics and Pregnancy Resource Centers.

An effective donor mobile app should have the following:

Location button provides address, phone number and directions to all of your center/clinic locations

About Us button tells who you are and what you do

Donate button makes it possible for people to donate to your pregnancy organization using your smartphone app.

News button provides access to your donor blog, Facebook page, etc.

Events button provides information about upcoming events e.g., banquet, walk a thon, volunteer training.

Ways to Help button provides information about volunteering, open staff positions, etc.

Visit Our Website button takes them directly to your donor website.   iphone4d100


• You can send simple communications (pushes) to ask donor to pray for what is happening in your center right at that moment or announce a new fundraising event.

• Reviews (donors can read and write reviews about your organization)

• Share the app with friends and relatives free of charge  (This can cause your app to go viral very fast. One PMC had over 800 downloads of their donor app in less than three months.)

• Social media interface buttons (interfaces with your Facebook, Twitter, etc)

• Maps, directions, routes, to your center/clinic location

Costs as low as $347 to develop and submit to Apple and Droid and $87 month (tax not included)


Click here to download and view a donor app for Droid phones.

or Scan this QR Code

Anroid Donor App Options QR Code

Click here to download and view a donor app for iPhones.

or Scan this QR Code

iphone donor app QR Code Options

Call Mark for a free, no obligation, consultation


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