Don’t Let This Happen To Your Board

Recently, I was working with a board of directors who was making an important decision and they needed to know what their bylaws had to say about it before proceeding. But as we were looking at the bylaws in the corporate book, a board member asked if this was the newest version of the bylaws.

Unfortunately, no one really knew for sure. So they had to table the decision and hunt down the most current version of bylaws. It took them over a week to straighten out the confusion.

Don’t let this happen to your board with this simple remedy,

signatureHave your organization’s corporate officers or, at least, the Chairman and secretary sign and date the bylaws after they have been amended. Then remove the old bylaws from the corporate book and place then in a file to access if needed in the future.

Your board secretary should ALWAYS bring a copy of the most recent version of the organization’s bylaws to board meetings.

Now, you have a system that will help to assure that the right bylaws are implemented by the board.


How long has it been since YOUR organization’s bylaws have been updated?

Need help?

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