Ten Predictions For 2013

PPP_PRD_146_3D_People_-_Self_Analysis_-_BLUEAs a Strategic Analyst, part of my job is to research and forecast trends that will impact Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs).

For several years I’ve been making trend predictions that are based upon hundreds of hours of research. Because these predictions have been remarkably right on target, many directors have asked that I share my predictions on a broader scale.

So I decided to share my 2013 predictions openly because I believe that it is absolutely critical that these trends not be ignored.

If you are a leader of a pregnancy medical clinic organization (i.e., board member, executive director or CEO) please research the predictions below yourself and prayerfully consider how your organization may best prepare for what’s coming.

After each “PREDICTION”, I share some ideas about how you may respond to these trends under the subtitle “RESPONSE”. Please feel free to contact me at beth@chaseadvancement.com if you have any questions.

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence –
it is to act with yesterday’s logic – Peter Drucker

 Ten PREDICTIONS for 2013 

#1.  PREDICTION: Charity tax advantages will continue to be reduced.


    – Implement donor relation strategies as if the charity tax benefits no longer exist. 

    – Increase your communication with donors/supporters, adding short tags and touches. Baby Boomers need to have some kind of communication from you every 14 days.

     – Invest more time into building relationships with donors. People give to people. And studies indicate that people need to know you, like you and trust you before they will be a consistent donor.

     – Stir passions. People will almost always give to groups that they identify with on an emotional level. Focus on stirring your donors’ passion for social justice by telling donors that your PMC exists to ‘assure that no pregnant woman feels that she has no choice but to abort’.

     – Use a mobile app to communicate with your donors using short communications called “pushes”. Mobile apps are the future. It’s important that your PMC has one. (Contact our Marketing Director, Mark, at 509-470-2777 for your free mock-up app.)

#2.  PREDICTION: More Baby Boomers and Generation Xers will want to donate to your PMC using their iphone4d100smartphones rather than your organization’s website. This is one of fastest growing trends for all for-profit or non-profit businesses. People are using their smartphones to simplify their on-the-go lives. (Did you know that more smartphones were sold than computers in 2011? It’s a new day.)

RESPONSE: Get a mobile app to increase donations and clients. Click here for more information on donor & client mobile apps for your organization. 

#3.  PREDICTION: Charities will face more federal and state regulations and requirements. Enforcement of these regulations will increase.

RESPONSE: Stay informed. Carefully read the notices from your national affiliates, like NIFLA, who provide PMCs/PRCs with monthly legal tips. And be sure to pass these tips on to board members.

#4.  PREDICTION: Public attacks defaming PMCs will increase. Most of these attacks will be done by well-funded groups using bullying tactics. 


1.  Use the legal system. People continue to do things because they get away with it. And the best way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them. I suggest that now is the time to use the legal system to deal with groups that defame your PMC.

2.  Build collaborative partnerships. It takes an army of advisors’ (composed of businessmen/business women, pastors, attorneys, media, legislators, etc.) to tap into for wisdom and help during an attack on your PMC.

3.  Prepare the public and your donor/supporters now. Distribute a Facts and Fallacies document about your PMC now. Do not wait until the attack comes.

3. Lobby your legislators. Tell them about your PMC and the great work that you are doing. The pro-abortion groups are talking to your legislators about you. You need to be there too.

#5.  PREDICTION: The public-at-large, legislators, churches, supporters, media, collaborative partners, and donors will demand more accountability. While the traditional national affiliations for pregnancy centers have value, they will not be enough to satisfy the new demand for accountability.

RESPONSE: Become accredited with nationally recognized groups such as the Better Business Bureau, ECFA, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. This would increase credibility with donors, public officials, and clients.

#6.  PREDICTION: Donors and supporters will begin to care more about how effective your organization is in fulfilling their mission than in how much of their dollar went to services verses administration/fundraising.

RESPONSE: Assure that your mission statement is measurable and you can provide evidence that you are fulfilling this mission. Call me if you have questions – 509-886-4894.

#7.  Pj0178132REDICTION: PMC boards of directors will have a new sense of urgency to embrace their fiduciary responsibilities at advanced levels. Boards will invest in improving their governance skills.

RESPONSE: If your board needs basic board training or if they need to know how to move from a managing board into a governing board we can help. Click here for more information. Click here for a blog just for board members of PMCs. (Our team will be providing more trainings and tools for boards of directors in 2013.)

#8.  PREDICTION: Small pregnancy medical clinic organizations will not have the resources necessary to keep up with the legal, governing and fundraising demands and will consider merging with other organizations or with larger PMCs.

RESPONSE: If your PMC is struggling please call me at 509-886-4894.

#9.  PREDICTION: Pregnancy Medical Clinics will investigate fundraising models that include    Unrelated Business Income (UBI) sources such as second-hand stores and other avenues for supplementing their income.

RESPONSE: Watch for more information on this coming soon.

#10.  PREDICTION: Monthly pledge programs will become a primary fundraising strategy. These giving programs will be built upon many people giving a little each month. This the “wide and shallow” fundraising principle.

1. Implement a variety of pledge programs. Give each pledge programs a name, color, logo, mission statement, marketing plan and measurements.

2. Use EFT Plus, the only electronic transfer funds provider I endorse. Contact Doug McGlashan, president of EFT Plus, for more information, 425-413-4806. 

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. 
Lao Tzu 

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3 thoughts on “Ten Predictions For 2013

  1. Jackie Kindle 01/22/2013 at 3:25 PM Reply

    Thanks for giving us some clear direction for 2013..each new day is a challenge and we desire to do our very best..and you help us stay focused on our goal and avoid unnecessary hinderances..

  2. robin fuller 01/29/2013 at 11:39 PM Reply

    Hey Beth! Do you have a good sample “facts and fallacies” document as a starting point to use? Robin

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