Tip From A Prosecuting Attorney

Yesterday, I spoke with a Board Chair who is an attorney that prosecutes boards of directors.

She reminded me how important it is for pregnancy center organizations to communicate with board candidates that the board of directors is legally responsible for the operations of the organizations.

She felt the best place to communicate this duty was on the board application forms and that such a statement should NOT be in any other corporate document.

There are important governance risk management principles that your board members should take seriously.

I am holding a free live board training Webinar where we will cover the primary governance responsibilities of boards of directors. During this Webinar, I will share why this prosecuting attorney made the recommendation that she did and what boards can do to reduce risk.

Click here to register for the Pacific Time live Webinar

Click here to register for the Eastern Time live Webinar

A Certificate of Completion will be provided to participants who fill out a pre and post training knowledge evaluation.

2 thoughts on “Tip From A Prosecuting Attorney

  1. Tracy Ullrey 10/23/2012 at 8:32 PM Reply

    Hey Beth, I am trying to find out what time the Eastern Time Zone webinar is. When I sign up for either choice I always get the Pacific time zone which would be 8:00-9:30 pm Mountain time. Can you tell me what the eastern time is and how to sign up for that one? Thanks so much! ~ Tracy Description: Options_Logo_ColorSmall.jpg 406.422.1011

    • Beth Chase 10/31/2012 at 3:59 AM Reply

      Tracy, the Eastern Time Zone webinar is Tuesday, November 27. Sorry for the confusion. I think I got it corrected in the Webinar log. Thank you for letting me know.

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