Identity Crisis

When I was at the Care Net conference last week manning the NIFLA booth, I discovered that there is still an identity crisis out there as many executive directors told me that they offered ultrasound services but “were not medical centers/clinics”.

It’s true, there are a handful of states that have special rules about medical facilities (i.e., California, New York, Colorado). But for most of the country here are the facts:

1.  Most states do not regulate medical facilities. Rather, they regulate the medical professionals who are practicing medicine in the facility.

2.  If you are performing one medical service (i.e., pregnancy testing, ultrasound exams, STD testing, nursing consultations) you are a medical facility and ignoring that reality is a dangerous.

3.   Pregnancy Medical Clinics/Centers are an extension of the practice of their Medical Directors and, therefore, should comply with the same national and state regulations as any ambulatory health care facility.

The bottom line in this is that it does not matter what “we think”. What matters is what “others who have power of over us think” such as legislators, OSHA, and CLIA.

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