Six Must Dos To Protect Your PMC From The Crisis Project

You’ve probably already heard about another undercover bully-sting on “crisis pregnancy” centers. This time the new bully on the playground is Al Jazeera who has launched an initiative they call The Crisis Project.

What is The Crisis Project?

According to The Crisis Project website, “The Crisis Project is a nationwide investigation that demonstrates crisis pregnancy center’s reliance on emotional manipulation, religious evangelism and medical misinformation to coerce their clients out of ending unintended pregnancies and using birth control.”

What Should I Be Doing To Protect My Pregnancy Medical Clinic?

There are six (6) risk management actions for all Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) and those Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) who are in the process of converting to medical status. These six (6) actions will significantly help to reduce your risks and increase your defensibility.

  1. Assure that your Medical Director has approved all education – offered in written, oral or video format – about pregnancy, abortion procedures, abortion risks, post-abortion concerns, birth control, STDs etc. Your nurses and client advocates should ONLY communicate to clients/patients what your Medical Director directs them to say. Ask your Medical Director about the patient brochures that they use in their office and see if these brochures would be appropriate for you to use as well.
  2. Use “evidence based” education. This means that any and all information & education that you provide is supported by empirical research. (Your Medical Director should be able to assist you with this.)
  3. Become HIPAA compliant. If you need help with this, I have a HIPAA training video and all the tools, forms and manuals you need on my website. Click here for more information about the training. Click here for an FREE e-book on why Pregnancy Medical Clinics should become HIPAA compliant.
  4. Have medical professionals on-site all hours you are open.
  5. NEVER allow non-medical staff or volunteers to share, discuss or educate clients/patients about medical issues.
  6. NO counseling or providing medical information over the phone. Keep a phone log. Record any suspicious phone calls

 More Things You Can Do

Create and distribute a Facts and Fallacy sheet to donors, supporters, churches, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, etc.

Share the truth about what you do and how you do it. Let your supporters know about what Al Jazeera is going. Rally your supporters. This is a great opportunity to promote your PMC.

Contact your legislators and other public officials to let me know what is happening.

Ask churches to pray for protection for your PMC.

Watch for next week’s KNOW THY RISKS e-Tips as it will have new forms for HIPAA compliance when text messaging.

2 thoughts on “Six Must Dos To Protect Your PMC From The Crisis Project

  1. Wendy 09/13/2012 at 3:46 PM Reply

    Beth, thank you for these detailed steps…making sure we communicate this to all our patient care team!, ww

    • bethchaseinfo 09/13/2012 at 3:53 PM Reply

      Thank you Wendy. I am glad that you found them helpful. It’s always better to prepare for the worse and pray for the best. LOL It’s a NEW DAY for pregnancy centers. Lorraine Mazurek, our PMC HIPAA consultant, has a HIPAA training video with all of the tools, forms and policies that you need available on our website under webinars. Let me know if we can be of further help.

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