Locked Down: Keeping Confidential Information Confidential
September 18, 2012
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM Eastern Time
You routinely send and receive sensitive client data. Is it safe in transmission? Safe in storage? Is your own network secure? Do you connect to your network from a hotel, coffee shop or airport public wi-fi? Do you know how to do so securely?
Breaches are growing increasingly common, and lawyers are prime targets. When breaches occur, the financial and reputational consequences to you and your clients can be devastating. All lawyers are subject to the ethical rules which command them to notify clients in the case of a breach of confidentiality of sensitive information. Everyone, not just lawyers, are subject to the data breach notification laws that have been enacted in 46 states. Our experts will share real-life horror stories and teach you how you can avoid repeating these costly mistakes. Learn from experts in the field how you can secure data on your office or home network, in the cloud, on the road and on your smartphone.
Michael Timpane, Salamirad Morrow P.C., San Francisco, CA
Speakers: Sharon D. Nelson, Sensei Enterprises, Inc., Fairfax, VA
John Simek, Sensei Enterprises, Inc., Fairfax, VA
$99 – Non-members in Public Interest or Government Service
Registration: Register online or fill out and return the registration form.
Registration Deadline – September 17, 2012

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