New RDMS Training FAQs

Last week, I received emails and phone calls from executive directors and board members asking about an email they had received expressing concern regarding a new NIFLA training for RDMSs ( recently named “Pulse – RDMS Track”) taught by NIFLA attorneys,  Audrey Stout RN RDMS and Dotsy Davis, BSRT, RDMS, RVT. Below are a few of the most common questions that are being asked and my responses.

Q:  What is Pulse – RDMS Track?
A:  Pulse – RDMS Track is a new comprehensive training program that equips RDMSs to provide hands-on limited OB ultrasound instruction for medical professionals serving in life-affirming Pregnancy Medical Clinics. This course is taught in partnership with NIFLA and Soundview Imaging and implemented by qualified legal and medical professionals. Pulse – RDMS Track offers PMCs a strategic model for equipping local RDMSs to provide hands-on training for their nurse sonographers.

Q:  Who is behind this course?
A:   NIFLA and Soundview Imaging are partnering together to offer this new comprehensive course for RDMSs.  Soundview Imagining was founded by Audrey Stout RN RDMS and Dotsy Davis BSRT, RDMS, RVT.

  • Dotsy Davis BSRT, RDMS, RVT started a college-based sonography program and facilitated the program’s accreditation through the JRCDMS.  Dotsy has designed the Pulse -RDMS Track training to adhere to guidelines of any educational program in medical sonography in accordance with JRCDMS, AWHONN, ACOG and AIUM.
  • Audrey Stout RN, RDMS, is the National Nurse Manager Consultant for NIFLA, and has been involved in pregnancy resource centers since 1987.  In addition to providing ultrasound assessments for Nurse Sonographers Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound Program, and IMPACT Association, Audrey has taught and trained in OB sonography across the US and in Ukraine.

Q:  What is Soundview Imaging?
A:   Soundview Imaging is a group dedicated to equipping medical professionals serving in life-affirming Pregnancy Medical Clinics with the highest level of skills in limited OB sonography. This is accomplished through providing hands-on instruction, training and skill assessments for medical professionals serving in life-affirming Pregnancy Medical Clinics. These services are provided by qualified Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (RDMS) and meet standards established by JRCDMS, AWHONN, ACOG and AIUM.

We will provide high-quality professional ultrasound trainings that conform to the standards established by JRCDMS, AWHONN, ACOG andAIUM.  There will be no compromise in this.  Our ultrasound trainings and assessments will be presented by RDMSs that have made a personal commitment to Christ as their Lord and Savior and have demonstrated Christ centered life-styles.  We will offer high-quality limited obstetrical ultrasound trainings and assessments at affordable prices.

Q:   Why was this new course launched?
A:    Pulse – RDMS Track was a result of much prayer and answering a need that was repeatedly voiced within the PMC population. Soundview Imaging welcomes the skills, knowledge and expertise of the local RDMS who wants to invest their professional abilities in a life-affirming ministry.  Pulse – RDMS Track provides the resources necessary to enable RDMSs to do this with excellence. Soundview Imaging believes that combining the expertise of the local RDMS with the local RN strengthens the PMC, and draws from the gifts of individuals to create a better team.

Q:  Is this RDMS training an “abbreviated” ultrasound training?
A:  No, rather than “abbreviated”, this new course meets the qualifications of “comprehensive” in that there are four complimentary elements that are based upon national standards to ensure quality of training set forth by JRCDMS, AWHONN, ACOG and AIUM. 

CMEs are available to RDMSs who take the 4-hr live webinar.

Q:  Would this training put PMCs at risk?
A:  Absolutely not. NIFLA and Soundview Imaging Partners would never put PMCs at risk by compromising quality of ultrasound trainings. The NIFLA team and Soundview Imaging leadership have a combined experience of over 100 years experience working in the PMC field. They have a proven record of accomplishment as visionary leaders and protectors of the Pregnancy Medical Clinics.  NIFLA, the pioneer in PMCs providing sonography, has endorsed this format and is working with Soundview Imaging Partners to provide excellence in training.

Q:  Has this model been tried before?
A:  Perhaps, there may have been other efforts to reach out to RDMSs, but not in this professional format or this comprehensive. This format adheres to the guidelines of any educational program in medical sonography, by ensuring that the clinical instructor is credentialed and that the skills assessment is customized to the specific criteria of the PMCs in accordance with JRCDMS, AWHONN, ACOG and AIUM.

Q:  Is this model right for every PMC?
A:  The Pulse – RDMS Track model works for PMCs who have local RDMSs that meet certain criteria and who are willing to commit time to the hands-on training for PMCs.

Q:  What is the first step  to get our local RDMS equipped?
A:   The first step is to have your RDMS attend the live 4-hr webinar. There are two currently scheduled – Wed., June 27 at 1pm-5pm PM ET and Fri., Sept. 14 at 1pm-5pm ET. Click here for a flyer. Click Here To Download Flyer  Click here to register

Q:  Where can I get more information about Pulse – RDMS Track
A:   For more information go to NIFLA’s or Soundview Imaging’s websites.  You may sign up for the June or September’s 4-hr webinar by clicking here.

Below is a quote from a PMC Registered Nurse regarding a competency assessment performed by Audrey Stout after an RDMS, who went to the NIFLA course in Colorado Springs, provided hands-on training for her.

“I cannot thank you enough for coming!  Your willingness to come and reduce expense for our center will forever be remembered.  More importantly the knowledge that you have imparted has deepened mine!”  Marcia Ball RN, Madison, KY

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