Do You Have A Brand Promise?

I teach that there are five business strategic foundations that every pregnancy center organization should have established. They are a 1) vision statement, 2) mission statement, 3) ministry business model, 4) set of core values, and 5) brand promise.

Your strategic foundations are the cornerstones of all that you do – marketing, fundraising, operations, public relations, etc.

I want to talk about “brand promise” today.

A brand promise is the expected tangible benefit that creates desire for your services and sets up your customer expectations.

For example, McDonalds delivers on its brand promise of an inexpensive, familiar and consistent meal delivered quickly in a clean environment. Wherever you happen to be, the fries are always crisp, the coffee comes in a convenient take-out cup, the bathrooms are clean and the hamburgers are predictable.

Well, here is the brand promise for Soundview Imaging, the new ultrasound training group endorsed by NIFLA:

Soundview Imaging provides high-quality professional ultrasound trainings that conform to the standards established by JRCDMS, AWHONN, ACOG and AIUM.  There will be no compromise in this.  Our ultrasound trainings and assessments will be presented by RDMSs that have made a personal commitment to Christ as their Lord and Savior and have demonstrated Christ centered life-styles.  We will offer high-quality limited obstetrical ultrasound trainings and assessments at affordable prices.

Here is another brand promise. This is a client/patient brand promise from a Pregnancy Medical Clinic I worked with in developing their new set of foundational strategies.

We offer pregnancy diagnosis and options education in a non-judgemental  and respectful setting. Our services are provided by caring medical professionals and patient advocates.

If you need help creating your organization’s five strategic foundations please contact me for a free phone consultation.
Office: 509-886-4894

One thought on “Do You Have A Brand Promise?

  1. Katherine Hager 06/06/2012 at 4:54 PM Reply

    Thank you for a comprehensive response to NIFLA’s RDMS training.

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