How Should Leaders of PMCs Respond When Local Abortion Clinics Are Vandalised?

“The National Abortion Federation reports that last year there were 114 attacks against abortion providers, “including three physicals assaults, one bombing, one incident of arson, 27 counts of vandalism and eight burglaries.”


Recently, an Executive Director of a PMC called me asking for advise.

Over the weekend, the outside of a local abortion clinic was vandalized with graffiti and she wanted to know if she should respond publicly and if so, how?  Here is my response.

Q:  Should there be a public response to the vandalism?
A:  Yes, a public expression of sympathy and a declaration denouncing such action and all illegal conduct is appropriate.

Q:  What audiences should I communicate with regarding this incidence?
A:   You have three primary audiences that should be addressed 1) the abortion provider, 2) the public at large, and
3) your donors/supporters (i.e., individuals, businesses, churches)

Q:  What should my primary message be?
A:  First, your message should be consistent and compassionate. Vandalism is illegal and wrong, period. Second, you want to create, publish and distribute an appropriate public “statement of regret”.

Q:  What is a “statement of regret”?
A:   A “statement of regret” acknowledges that pain or harm was caused, denounces the action and does not acknowledge any responsiblity on your part for what took place.

Click her to download Sample Regret Statements

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