10 Ways Boards Can Reduce Their Risk

1. Attending the board meetings and reading the pregnancy center’s publications carefully to keep fully apprised of activities.

2. Being thoroughly and completely prepared before making decisions.

3. Becoming actively involved in deliberations during board meetings, commenting as appropriate, and making inquiries and asking questions where prudent & when such a need is indicated by the circumstances. (Therein fulfilling your fiduciary Duty of Care)

4. Making decisions deliberately and without undue haste or pressure.

5. Insisting that board meeting minutes only record decisions made.

6. Securing legal consultation on any matter that has legal ramifications.

7. Requesting that the organization’s accountants assess and evaluate any matter that has significant financial ramifications.

8. Carefully reviewing both audited and non-audited financial reports.

9. Reviewing from time to time the organization’s articles of incorporation, bylaws and other governing documents. Assure that the purpose clause in the articles is updated and that the bylaws are relevant.

10. Avoiding completely any conflicts of interest, fully disclosing any potential conflicts and assuring any disclosures are included in the board minutes.

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