Life Stressors List for Single Patients

When serving pregnant women, it is important to understand the power of life-stressors that may contribute to a woman feeling that she has no choice but to choose abortion. A special thank you to the group of mental health experts who helped develop this list for the life-affirming pregnancy centers.

  • Pregnancy was unplanned
  • Boyfriend/father of child pressing for abortion
  • Boyfriend/father of child undecided
  • History of abortion
  • Is a teen pregnancy
  • Between 20 and 26 years old
  • Recently divorced
  • Broke up with boyfriend
  • Unsure about who the father is?
  • Raped
  • Living with parents
  • Parents divorced
  • Parents separated
  • Homeless
  • Living with boyfriend
  • Strict religious upbringing
  • Worried about disappointing her parents
  • Fearful of her mother or father
  • Incest victim
  • Friend has chosen abortion
  • Family member in favor of abortion
  • No health insurance
  • Low financial resources
  • Feels unsafe or threatened
  • In college
  • Feels education plan is threatened
  • Undecided about what to do about her pregnancy
  • Low education level
  • In high school
  • In junior high school
  • Currently has children
  • Little to none spiritual grounding
  • Male dominate cultural background
  • Unhealthy relationship with her father
  • Recently moved
  • Violation of the law
  • Change in living conditions
  • Drugs or alcohol abuse

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