Thank You NIFLA

SHB 1366, the most radical anti-pregnancy center bill to date, is not dead. However, it has lost some momentum and we are encouraged by this.
On behalf of all of the pregnancy centers in Washington State, I want to thank NIFLA for all that they have done to help us navigate the political waters to stop SHB 1366.  NIFLA has been the national affiliate hero in this battle in Washington State and I want to acknowledge their efforts.
Here are some of the things that NIFLA has done so far to help us defeat SHB 1366 / SB 5274:
  • In 2010, NIFLA sponsored a number of conference phone calls and a special meeting to discuss strategy for the 2011 legislative session in preparation for yet another bill targeting Washington State pregnancy centers.    
  • NIFLA paid for and facilitated almost daily conference calls for several weeks that kept the center leadership informed and organized.  
  • Tom Glessner, NIFLA ‘s President/CEO, was the only national affiliate leader that flew out from Virginia to be present at both bill hearings.  He served in leadership and supportive rolls.
  • NIFLA covered my hotel and travel expenses to be Olympia lobbying on behalf of the pregnancy centers.
  • NIFLA has paid for supplies and printing cost for educational materials to legislators for lobbying purposes and during two health care committee hearings.
  • NIFLA purchased over 1,000 lapel pins that read “I Love Pregnancy Resource Centers” that were distributed at both Senate and House committee hearings. 
So far, NIFLA has invested over $15,000 in helping to defeat SHB 1366 / SB 5274. 
Again, on behalf of all of the pregnancy centers in Washington State, thank you NIFLA for investing so much time and money in stopping this bill. 

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