What is a Decision Tool?

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of a Linear Services Model for Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMC). A Linear Services Model is defensible and measurable and moves PMCs deeper into mainstream medical services.

In April 2010, Connie Ambrecht, President of Truth Link Now and lead instructor for Sonography Now, and I decided to partner together to launch LiSM Way, a program dedicated to helping pregnancy medical clinics to establish a Linear Client Services Model training program.  (For more information about these trainings go to www.lismway.com.)

One of the tools we introduce at the LiSM Way workshop is the Decision Tool (DT). A DT is used for preparing client s for decision-making about options. DT’s are never to replace counseling a client/patient. DTs are never to replace counseling a client/patient. Rather they are meant to supplement and enhance the counseling  process.

DTs are about helping clients/patients to identify their problems and possible solution and outcomes.  In the Pregnancy Medical Clinic setting, DTs are used to help women make deliberate choices about their unplanned pregnancy.

For more information about DTs, go to blog.lismway.com  

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